We know that having a healthy gut microbiome is critical to your overall health and is linked to keeping your weight and digestive symptoms down and mood and energy up. It is also said to assist with healthy skin and an improved immune system. When you feed your gut bacteria the right food, you should feel fantastic, physically and mentally.
Over three hours, you’ll learn not only the importance of a healthy gut, but the foods and meals that can assist in getting there. After a welcome snack, you will learn to cook nutrient-dense meals made from seasonal and local ingredients. At the end of the class, you’ll sitting down to enjoy all the food you have made, accompanied by organic wine. During this time, Jeannette will answer any questions you may have.

Jeannette is a London-based practising Registered Nutritional Therapist (BSc mBANT, CNHC) who specialises in helping people improve their gut health. The welcome side effect of this work for many is weight loss. She is author of The Gut Makeover and The Gut Makeover Recipe Book, which have reached thousands of people across the world with improved health for many.

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