'Chaosmos' - Solo Exhibition


SHAKE GALLERY is delighted to present Adam Ball’s highly-anticipated solo exhibition ‘Chaosmos’. In the rhythmic interplay of creation and renewal, the upcoming show invites us to embark on an infinite journey of existence. Through a symphony of purification and bold pigments, the artist captures the essence of growth and continuity, guiding us on a visual pilgrimage through diverse mediums including paintings, intricate cut-outs, charcoal drawings, wooden wall-based sculptures, and a light installation. 

Curated by Martin Mayorga, this exhibition is an odyssey of endless movement, where each artwork propels us forward, unveiling the ceaseless beauty of forging ahead. In the vibrant fabric of existence, the artist uncovers echoes of growth where every element follows a recurring pattern – a life rhythm that speaks to the interconnectedness of all things, evoking a sense of euphoria. 

Revealed within this body of work is a narrative of recycling energies, birthing new possibilities and the shared responsibility of our world. Navigating the delicate equilibrium between evolution and preservation, the artwork resonates with the imperative to coexist within our surroundings and re-appropriate resources for a more enduring future.

Perpetual renewal becomes a metaphor for the delicate balance between control and risk. The canvases, while meticulously crafted, also embody an element of risk – an orchestrated unpredictability that adds a dynamic edge. Each stroke is a calculated risk, a dance between authority and spontaneity, mirroring the fragile calmness existing in the journey of progress. Amidst the layers, a glimmer of hope surfaces, an intensity of colour radiating from the artworks – an ode to the resilience inherent in the human spirit and the brilliance that lies within our unified potential. 

This act of creation, however, is not without its counterpart. Creation and dissolution engage in a subtle duet on Ball’s canvases, echoing the relentless cycle of birth and decay, reminding us that improvement often necessitates letting go of the old to make space for the new. 

Through the artist’s lens, we witness the journey of amelioration – a constant striving for improvement and the belief in our capacity to create a world that is more harmonious, balanced and enduring. The works selected by the curator invite us to cultivate the seeds of change together, so that the exhibition becomes a fertile ground for contemplation, dialogue and action; an invitation to reclaim, recover, restore and reinstate the sanctity of shared spaces – a call to nurture the collective consciousness for a brighter, more lasting tomorrow. 


Adam Ball, Solo Show

November 16th – January 14th, 2023 


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